Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Good That Forex Education Gets You

Currency trading can be illustrated by loaning money from someone and invest that to a person who can give you higher interest rates. Although the income is proportionate to your investment, bigger returns will be acquired from bigger cash out. It s like knowing when to move your money to take advantage of more profitable deals. Forex trading is enticing since it is the best way to earn easy money.
Because this market is significantly affected by factors beyond our immediate power, we should be aware that even seasoned traders may still lose their money. Your chances for survival will be higher if you know how to learn from your shortcomings and learn how to conscientiously take care of your investments.
To be victorious in foreign exchange trading, players need to exercise thorough preparation, have a solid working knowledge of the trading methodologies, be kept abreast with prevailing trends, have access to details and own sufficient capital. This may appear to be huge but the rewards of the endeavor are so great that people use the internet just to learn the secrets of forex trading online.
Learning Forex
Forex education will teach beginners a lot of things - the different strategies and when to use them, how much to invest, how to decipher information and rumor, and much more. Seasoned traders will know when to utilized trading practices on non-conventional situations so these can be used to their advantage.
Learning forex will also teach you that information, news and rumors change quickly so you need to know when is the best time to cash in. For players who do not own unlimited capital, they must be masters in in adopting the said strategy. Across the span of the country's economy, it should be identified as to which factors are significant enough to influence forex trading.
After mastering the trading techniques, you can profit in a daily basis yet you are still at a risk for losses. But learning on your own requires that you get a course from an expert who is eager to guide you through the complicated stages and show you how various strategies work for averages, stop losses, support and resistance prices, investing in pairs, or putting your money on trends and averages.
There are shortcuts to learning the secrets of currency trading. One is using the system that relies on market indicators and economic trends that make it less difficult for you to get the forex picture and make the timely decisions.
The plain truth is, investing money per se will always promise rewards and entail probable risks and losses. What makes people still interested to invest in forex trading is the enormous gains they will have when cards are played correctly. Therefore, a strong forex education and background are needed in your success as a forex player.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stock Market Education - How to Research Stocks

It would be almost impossible to make a comprehensive list of all of the ways television and movies have mislead us or oversimplified things when it comes to performing complex tasks over the years, but if such a list existed, investing would likely be at or near the top. In Hollywood, every stock transaction is done on a whim thanks to a red hot stock tip gotten from someone on the inside or someone's crazy uncle who can see into the future. In reality, hot stock tips to exist, but even the hottest ones are researched meticulously so that those involved don't lose their shirts. Researching stocks is a bit of an art form, however, the Internet has made doing most of the heavy lifting easy. Here are a few tips for the amateur stock researcher to follow.
If you are a smart investor than you have a full service stock broker on speed dial that you can speak with at any time. Before you make the final decision to buy a stock, it is always a good idea to tap into the huge knowledge base that your broker has at his or her disposal and see if this stock is all its cracked up to be. This is one of the major reasons why having a full service broker is better than using one of the online stock trading websites. With a full service broker, they can give you more information that the vital statistics associated with a particular stock. They will likely know about any sort of breaking news associated with that company and what the daily activity has been on that stock (are people buying or are people selling.) Most importantly, they can also give you information that only they are privy to that might or might not have been made public yet. The best research tool any investor can have is a good stock broker.
If you have made the decision to invest online on your own, there is still quite a bit of information available on the Internet. Many online stock trading websites not only deliver a huge amount of raw data to their users about how a stock has performed over the short and long term, but also how to read that data. They have dozens of graphs, charts and read outs that try to put the raw data into context. What these sites can't do, really, is interpret the data and tell you how all of that is likely going to affect the stock's future performance. Of course, this is speculation and not statistical analysis, but knowing how a stock has performed in the past doesn't really help you if your fortunes are going to be determined by what the stock does in the future. Research can only help give you some context on where the stock has been.
Finally, having a subscription to a daily newspaper like the Wall Street Journal, or at least an online subscription to their webpage, is an essential way you can do research, just bear in mind that there are millions of other people reading the same information and likely acting on the same trends you are. It isn't really possible to get a "hot stock tip" from the financial newspaper of record, but it can help you spot trends and news that can affect how the market is going to perform in the future.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Only the Good News

The "dismal science" of economics typically focuses on "bad" news. But there are many favorable developments taking place within the U.S. economy. We do face major challenges...no question. Recessionary pressures are intense...no argument here. Presented here, however, is ONLY the "good" news.
* U.S. exports to the world of goods and services are at record levels.
* A year-end 2007 Gallup Poll noted that "more than 8 in 10 Americans say they are satisfied with their personal lives at this time, including a solid majority who say they are 'very satisfied.'"
* During the early 1960s, the five-year survival rate from cancer for Americans was one in three. Today it is two in three...continuing to climb...and the highest in the world.
* For every dollar of U.S. economic output generated today, we burn less than half as much oil as 30 years ago.
* Today's moms and dads, whether working or at home, are spending four to six hours more per week with their kids than did the previous generation.
* Alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the most recently reported year dropped by more than half versus 20 years ago.
* The nation's jobless rate averaged 4.6% in both 2006 and 2007, the lowest average in six years, and lower than average rates in the '70s, '80s, and '90s.
* The number of people who have quit smoking (46 million) now exceeds the number who still smoke (45 million).
* The American economy added nearly seven million net additional jobs during 2004 to 2006, and added more than 1.1 million in 2007.
* The sharp decline recently in the 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note yield from around 3.85% to 3.53% should lead mortgage rates lower.
* Substantiated cases of childhood sexual abuse have fallen 49% since 1990. Physical abuse of children is down by 43%.
* U.S. corporations hold an estimated $611 billion in cash on their balance sheets, a "tool" to help lessen the chance of, or minimize the impact of, a recession.
* More than three million girls participated in high school sports last year, part of a record 7.3 million total participants.
* The Federal Reserve is expected to reduce its key short-term interest rate for a sixth time no later than March 18, with another cut possible in April. Debt costs for millions of Americans will decline as a result.
* Donations to charity set an all-time high in 2006, with a total of $295 billion donated by individuals, foundations, and corporations. As a percentage of GDP, Americans gave twice as much as the next most charitable nation...England.
* Some 68.6% of the 2.7 million "Class of '05" high school graduates enrolled in colleges & universities, the highest ever.
* Productivity of the average U.S. worker rose an average of 2.6% annually during the past 10 years, the largest gains in 40 years. Rising productivity is a long-term key to higher standards of living.
* The U.S. rate of home ownership reached 69.2% of households in recent quarters, the highest ever, before declining slightly.
* The upward "mobility" of the typical American remains the greatest in the world. Why? The U.S. economy "rewards" the combination of hard work and educational achievement more than ever before...and more than any other country in the world.
* Women earned nearly 60% of all bachelor's degrees awarded in recent years, versus 43% in 1970 and 24% in 1950. Women earned a similar share of master's degrees.
* Solid U.S. economic growth and incentive-based tax cuts have led government revenues to surge impressively during each of the past four years.
* Average U.S. life expectancy has reached 78 years (men 75...women 80), the highest ever. This compares to 76 years in 1995, 68 years in 1950, and 47 years in 1900.
* Global economic growth should exceed 4.0% in 2008 (after inflation) for the sixth consecutive year, a development not seen in generations. Strong growth allows millions to rise above poverty.
* Children's deaths from unintentional injury have dropped by almost 40% since 1987. Bicycle deaths fell 60%, while firearms-related deaths fell 72%.
* Air pollution declined 25% over the past 30 years even as the population and the economy grew. Water quality also continues to improve. More progress will occur in coming years as companies see rising value in "going green."
* Median (half more, half less) family income now exceeds $54,000 annually.
* Illicit drug use among U.S. teenagers hit a five-year low of 9.8% in 2006, down 16% since 2002.
* The U.S. still accounts for roughly 40% of global research and development (R&D) spending.
* The Congress now has 90 female members--the highest in history--with 16 in the Senate and 74 in the House.
* American household net worth in 2007's third quarter reached $58.6 trillion, the highest ever, and three times the total of 18 years ago. Net worth--the difference between assets and liabilities--has risen for 19 consecutive quarters. The measure included much of the recent weakness in housing values.
* A record 29% of men have earned a bachelor's degree or higher, versus 26% of women, also a record. This compares to a combined 7.7% in 1960. A record 84.6% of adults over age 25 now have at least a high school diploma, versus 24.5% in 1940.
* U.S. teen pregnancy and birth rates plummeted to all-time lows in recent years, before a slight rise in 2006. The reasons? More widespread use of birth control, more work opportunities, and more girls who "just say no."
* Flexible work schedules are now the norm for 43% of workers, up from 29% in 1992 and 13% in 1985. This allows greater flexibility for more people, especially those with children.
* The Consumer Price Index has risen an average of 2.7% annually since 1992.
* Roughly 30% of trash was recycled or composted in the latest year, versus 16% in 1990.
* In 1967, only one family in 25 earned $100,000 or more (inflation adjusted to 2005). Today, one in six families does. The share of families earning more than $75,000 annually in real dollars has tripled from 9% to 27%, while the share of families earning between $5,000 and $50,000 in real dollars has fallen by 19% since 1967.
* Seat belt usage by Americans was at 81% in 2006, versus 49% in 1990 and 14% in 1983.
* The rate of auto-related injury per mile traveled in 2005 was the lowest since the Interstate Freeway System was built 50 years ago.
* Corporate profits now represent more than 12% of national income, up from 7% in 2001, and the highest since record keeping began in 1947. Strong corporate earnings are the backbone of rising stock prices.
* Violent crime overall is down 55% since 1993, with violence by teens down 71%. School violence has declined by half from a decade ago.
* The number of abortions performed in this country has declined by one-third since 1990 and is now at a record low.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 Aspects of Confident Trading

When you open up your trading charts each day, do you feel calm and confident or do you feel uncertain and nervous? Many traders often find themselves feeling the latter.
To be a successful trader, you'll need to constantly feel confident about the happenings in the market. Good traders are certain about whether it's a bull market, a bear market or a ranging market. They either understand what they're seeing in the trading charts today, or they don't. They're confident about their opinions, and aren't afraid to say that they're uncertain when they are.
Gaining Confidence
One of the best ways to start each trading day with confidence is to keep to a concise, carefully-considered 'plan of action' just before you begin bring up your trading charts. Here are 3 aspects you should consider to include in your 'plan of action'...
Aspect #1: Monitor the market with a check list
Have a list of news websites and analyst reports where you can find out the latest happenings all over the world. This is helpful in alerting you of world events that occurred while you were sleeping. The Forex market runs around the clock and doesn't go to sleep at all, except on weekends. You'll thus need to have a handy list of news sites to update you on the events that you've missed out on.
Aspect #2: Be an expertof few setups
Most new traders spend too much time trying to learn all the different trade setups in the hopes that they can have the most money-making opportunities. Unfortunately, they usually get mixed signals and mess up their trades. You should instead strive to master two or three types of trade setups and become an expert on them. Don't worry about the lack of trading opportunities; the market is large enough and you'll find usually be able to find good trade entries at least once every week.
Aspect #3: Money Management
It's almost impossible to over-stress the importance of this aspect. A reliable money management system will make it almost impossible for a trader to feel scared and uncertain. It's your safety net. Never trade without one.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Education of African American Children

Nothing saddened me more than the fact that three of my African American female students had no idea what the term "lynching" meant. These were otherwise, decently educated young black women seeking a career in the medical field.
During our exploration of medical ethics, we were watching a film about the "Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment" which took place in the 1930's. This experiment was responsible for the spreading of syphilis to thousands of African American people in Tuskegee, Alabama.
During the course of the film, the main character suggested that his brother had been killed by lynching. The students turned to me and asked what it meant. My heart fell to my knees at the thought that any African American child in the United States would not recognize what this term meant.
With a lack of understanding like this, it's no wonder that Tiger Woods was able to blow off the comment made by the news reporter some weeks ago.
You see, the problem is that our children are sitting in classrooms with people who either don't care that they learn or who have their hands tied by the system when it comes to how and what they teach.
In Texas, teachers spend a disproportionate amount of their time teaching to a standardized test. How on earth do you standardize one's education? Every person learns in a different way and at different speeds. Some learn by seeing, some learn by listening, and some learn by doing. There are also those people who have testing phobias that prohibit them from doing well on any test. Yet the powers that be have deemed it necessary to gauge a persons intelligence using these standardized tests. They have even gone so far as to connect the teachers ability to get a bonus with the success of the students on the standardized test.
Field trips to the museum, symphonies, and other cultural outlets are few and far between because teachers are in constant fear of losing their jobs if their students don't perform well. Therefore, many of them don't even bother addressing a holistic approach to learning which would include learning ones history, culture, and background.
It's no wonder that these three young ladies had no idea what lynching meant. The issue here is that if we forget our history, we will be doomed to repeat. When the atrocities that were inflicted upon African Americans is all but forgotten, a new reign of terror is bound to come about: Jena 6, nooses hanging at prominent fortune 500 companies, a man dragged to death in Jasper, Texas.
We must begin to teach our children about their history and make it relevant for them today. If the schools won't do it, we have to. We can no longer afford to relegate this most important task to people who could care less if we know what has happened to us in the past.
This Black History Month, let's make it our business to learn all we can and share it with everyone we know.
Cheryl Lacey-Donovan is an author, educator, and inspirational speaker. Cheryl is also the host of Worth More Than Rubies an internet radio talk show that airs on [http://www.redchurchradio.com]
She has been a mentor for Christian Women Today for one year and is the founder of A Virtuous Woman-31.
Cheryl has been happily married for 14 years to her husband Keith and she has two adult sons and a stepdaughter. She is a member of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vital Tips to Get the Right Education to Win

There is lots of Forex education available free online and here we are going to give you some tips on finding the best that can lead you to currency trading success.
Here are your Forex info sources to look up.
1. FREE Info
Most of what you will need can be found free on the net. Many of the e-books sold by vendors simply rehash what is found on the net and you can avoid paying for it by simply seeking out the right sources - search around and see what you find and you will stumble upon some good sources.
If you are your trading on Forex technical analysis you can find everything you need to know about indicators and chart patterns to build your own trading system. For a novice trader this is the best way to trade, avoid trading news - it's simply stories that reflect the losing majority, so avoid it.
Your aim is to trade the truth and simply follow price trends and everything you need can be found free - you need something more but I will return to this in a moment.
2. Expert Systems
All over the net claiming they can make you rich with mechanical systems and most will lose. Why? Because - they rely on clever marketing copy and simulated track records done in hindsight. If you see an ad that looks to good to be true pass it by, it is - has never been traded and simply put together by a marketing company.
3. Forex forums.
I took a look around a few of the top forums before I wrote this article and my look confirmed by suspicion full of losing traders.
The guys giving advice are generally people who can't make any money trading Forex and it makes them feel better and big to give out their wisdom. I have been a trader for 25 years and never bothered using Forex forums and don't think you should either.
4. The Edge
To make money you need a method and that's easily constructed from free info on the net which we touched on in point 1.
You can easily build a system based upon breakout methodology, support resistance and a few momentum indicators and win at Forex - just one word of caution:
You will have heard how it's essential in currency trading and it is but it's very hard to acquire that's why 95% of traders wipe out their equity quickly.
To ram home the importance of discipline, go to your local online bookstore and pick up some books by traders who have walked the walk, rather than simply talk the talk.
A few essential books are:
Market Wizards EDIT - Jack Schwager
This book interviews trading legends and lots of them and is one of the most popular investment books of all time and with good reason
The Way of the Turtle - Curtis Faith
This book tells the story of the turtles a group of 14 traders who became legends after learning to trade in 14 days and then earning $100 million in just 4 years.
The Disciplined Trader - Mark Douglas
A bit repetitive but rams home the importance of discipline better than any book I have ever read. The three books above you can pick up for about $60.00 and their worth every cent. They can explain far better than me my discipline is vital yet so hard to achieve.
Always keep in mind if you don't have the discipline to trade your Forex trading system, you don't have one! Trading looks easy yet few succeed - the ones that do build their own trading methods to get confidence which is the first step to trading with discipline.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Novices Guide To Getting The Best Education

If you want to learn forex trading you need to educate yourself the right way and most people don't do this - don't forget 95% lose their money and the main reason is they look for and take the wrong advice.
Let's look at the best forex education and where to get it and learn forex trading the RIGHT way
First Ignore this!
You will see lots of people selling e-books and claiming they can predict the market, trade with 90% odds and make you rich - ignore them and save your money.
None ever come with a track record and most of the so called secrets are free on the net. These e-books give forex trading a bad name, most of the marketing copy is hyped up and without suibstantiation and in many cases downright lies.
Want some good advice?
Then read advice from traders who have walked the walk rather than simply talk the talk and your Amazon bookstore has everything you need.
So what books should you start with?
Let's take a look at a few.
A story that has always fascinated me is the turtle experiment.
Legendary trader Richard Dennis set out to prove that trading could be taughtand took 23 people with no trading experience and taught them to trade in just 14 days - the result?
They made him over $100 million in profits!
Now I am not saying you will get as rich as the turtles - but get the book The Way Of the Turtle" written by Curtis Faith.
He made over 30 million dollars so he knows what he talking about and the book gives you a clear grasp of how the turtles achieved success and the challenges and the rewards of trading forex.
Want another book that has some great trading stories including the turtle story?
Get Market Wizards Edit Jack Shwager - this book simply interviews some of the top traders of all time and is essential reading.
Another great book is Trader Vic by Victor Sperandeo - covers a lot of ground from systems to psychology another trading master.
Now these books will point you in the right direction and its time fro you to devise your own system.
So look up technical analysis and learn about standard deviation and price momentum indicators and build a system based upon the above and the good news is all the information is free on the net.
Forex trading is not easy - but the turtle experiment shows it's potential and will inspire and motivate you to learn forex trading the right way and achieve currency trading success - good luck.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Expensive Educational Toys Aren't The Only Way To Get Your Child To Think

It seems that as science advances, parents become more and more aware of the effect certain foods and activities have on their children. Gone are the days when fluffy teddy bears, Barbie dolls, and GI Joe figures were considered staple items in every kid's toy box; today, there is increasing pressure for children's recreation to be productive, educational, and enjoyable. Therefore, more and more parents are seeking toys for their children that will exercise their bodies and their minds, in order to give them the best possible start in life.
In recent years, toy manufacturers have been meeting these needs through a variety of new toy designs. However, classic toys [http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/talktoyourbaby/play.html#simply] can still provide children with effective mental and physical exercise if used in the right way. For example, old-fashioned sandpits can be a great way to get children to think about the way in which building and construction works: by using sandpits to 'create', children will be exercising their minds and imaginative processes, as well as having fun frolicking about in a sand pit.
Alternatively, if you're buying your son or daughter an outdoor playhouse or climbing frame, get them to help you construct it: if you let your child do the simple tasks when building a playhouse or climbing frame, it may bestow crucial developmental skills that will aid them in their future learning. While many children love to spend time colouring and drawing, it may sometimes be a good idea to encourage your child to make things indoors that can be used outdoors; for example, have them make a kite that can be flown on clear days.
A lot of educational and recreational activities for children don't even have to revolve around actual toys. Activities, such as gardening or cooking, can also help childhood development in many ways. Whether at school or at home, engaging in outdoor activities like gardening can instil a lot of self-confidence in a child, especially if they can see their efforts in helping a plant grow and come to life. And with the common issue of children's health in the news these days, cooking can also be a wonderful way to engage your child; by teaching children to cook healthily from an early age - away for sharp objects and heat of course! - parents can help them understand not only how their bodies work, but about the importance of personal health.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Community College is an Excellent Educational Bargain

It's not news to anyone that college costs are skyrocketing. The average cost of one year at a private college or university has risen to a shocking $31,465. It's no wonder that parents and students look at that number and wonder whether a college degree is in their reach at all. However, many families overlook the tremendous costs savings that could be achieved by attending a community college for two years. Tuition at community college is typically half that of a public institution and just one-tenth that of a private institution.
For many years, community colleges fought the image that they were the last resort for students who couldn't get in anywhere else and that their programs were not as challenging or comprehensive and those at larger colleges universities. Today, however, community colleges are thriving centers that not only provide state-of-the-art career education, but also provide a high-quality educational foundation for students who wish to transfer to a college or university after two years.
Because most colleges and universities, regardless of size, require students to take core courses in their first two years before choosing a major, taking these courses at the community college level will save money. Additionally, core courses at the university level are often held in large lecture halls with hundreds of students. At community colleges, class sizes rarely exceed 30 students. So, paradoxically, community college students receive more individualized attention yet pay much less for that privilege.
Instructors at the community college level are required to hold a Master's degree in their instructional area. Some have pointed to this as evidence that community colleges cannot provide the same quality of instruction as colleges and universities that employ professors with Doctoral degrees. However, very few of those professors actually teach the core courses that students take during their first two years of college. Additionally, community college instructors often have real-world employment experience that gives them a more practical perspective than university professors, who are immersed in the world of academia.
Transferring to a larger institution at the end of two years at community college is often easier than being admitted as a Freshman. Also, many states guarantee admission to their state colleges and universities to community college graduates who maintain a certain grade point average. Even prestigious Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Yale and Brown have accepted transfer students from community colleges.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wall Street to Main Street: News, Views and Commentary

It's Friday June 9, 2006, and yesterday was a wild day, the Dow dropped over 177 points at one point and was down for most of the day and the money started flowing in at about 2:50pm EST giving a small boost to the Dow and it finally closed up a pinch, just over 7 points.. The bottom line here is that you have to begin looking at stocks on an individual basis and don't continue to look at the S&P, the Dow or the Nasdaq Composite as a gauge because it will not guide you through this rollercoaster ride.
This is why we feature individual stocks and give our outlook based on the company and the industry. If the stock is not a slave to the Dow but gets dragged down in the process you should be all over it because that is an opportunity.
This market will continue to go up and down and sideways until there is some clarity in regards to an interest rate hike. This is not just a problem for U.S. markets but worldwide and if anyone tells you any different they are not doing you a service. Interest rates around the globe were raised yesterday as inflation worries loom.
We received plenty of emails from our listeners and readers asking for direction, asking us whether they should buy, sell or hold a particular issue. We do not feature each and every email or question because when you ask for our direction we do our homework so that we are giving you our best outlook on the stock, and not doing it on the fly because that could cause more harm than good.
Yesterday we had more new subscribers to "Wall Street to Main Street" than ever, and that just shows you that investors are looking for guidance, and we're trying hard to do that for you. Investment advisers, stockbrokers, and even several investment clubs added themselves to the list of subscribers yesterday, so we have to be doing something right.
Now that we established where we stand lets move forward and try to cherry pick those stocks that have been oversold by not only institutions but by investors.
Movers and Shakers
Some major movers in yesterdays trading session include Overstock.com (NASDAQ: OSTK), which traded up $1.56 to close at $23.16, now we are talking about a company that has negative earnings to the tune of $1.20a a share. It is bouncing off of its 52 week low of $20.89, so in other words this is a dead cat bouncing. Even with they added a quicker checkout process on their site by implementing AuctionCheckout.com's online payment service, this still won't bring it back to life. Companies that actually earn money were driven down on Thursday and there was no real reason why this puppy made upward movement, it's an anomaly I guess.
Allegheny Technology (NYSE: ATI) traded up $3.50 to close on $62.75, now it wasn't as simple as the stock just moving up, it went down with the rest of the market, traded as low as $54 78 before the buying starting flowing back into the stock. When you see a stock like Allegheny Tech traded down that low and that fast you have to find out why, nothing fundamentally changed with the company. Actually Leo Larkin an Analyst with Standard & Poor's Equity Research recently upgraded the stock from a Sell to a Hold., he actually forecasted 2006 earnings of $4.40 for the company, they posted an EPS of $3.60 for 2005, so S&P sees growth. These are the type of companies that you have to seek out, those that are oversold for no good reason. The demand for Stainless Steel will continue to grow in aerospace and power generation, so they may live up to Larkin's expectations.
Fluor Corp (NYSE: FLR) traded up $3.24 to close at $88.58, the global engineering, procurement, construction, operations, maintenance and project management service provided dropped over $3 on Wednesday, traded as low as $82.93 on Thursday and powered up to close up over $3.24 for the day. The stock was trading over $100 a share this past May and was hammered down, this is one that could creep back up to the $95
Autozone (NYSE: AZO) traded up $2.48 to close at $93.00, this came on the heels of the former President, Vice Chairman and Director of Borders (NYSE: BGP) George R. Mrkonic, Jr joined the board of directors of Autozone. So that is the reason for the movement, this all came to light on Wednesday after the close. Now Autozone is about $10 off its 52 week high and sits with an EPS of $7.30 and a P/E of 12. With Mrkonic giving his input at Autozone you'll see this one back in the triple digits.
Other stocks that made moves on the upside include Allergan Inc (NYSEL AGN) which traded up $3.79 to close at $102.27, Giant Industries (NYSE: GI) traded up $3.19 to close at $62.70, Noble Corporation (NYSE: NE) traded up $2.39 to close at $67.53, Occidental Pertroleum (NYSE: OXY) traded up $22.6 to close at $96.98 on its way back to $100, Apple Computer (NASDAQ: AAPL) traded up $2.19 o close at $60.76, this is a stock that should be in the $70 range, Comtech Telecommunications (NASDAQ: CMTL) traded up $1.80 to close at $32.88, Whirlpool Corp (NYSE: WHR) traded up $1.76 to close at $84.50 as they company is looking to trim some fat and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) traded up $1.62 to close at $72.62.
Under Ten
Now lets take a look at movers in the market under ten bucks, Globix Corp (AMEX: GEX) a blast from the past, I remember when this stock was in the $50 range, but that was a long time ago and on a different exchange, but the stock traded up 55 cents to close at $4.80, Nitromed (NASDAQ: NTMD) traded up 35 cents on nice volume to close at $4.99, Cortex Pharmaceuticals (AMEX: COR) traded up 35 cents to close at $3.32, Alliance One International (NYSE: AOI) traded up 27 cents to close at $4.47, Isolagen (AMEX: ILE) traded up 22 cents to close at $2.85 on close to 2 million shares traded and Generex Biotechnology (NASDAQ: GNBT) which traded up 14 cents to close at $1.85.
Apollo Group (NASDAQ: APOL) slipped down $1.59 to close at $53.88, the company is involved in the higher education for adults business, they operate through their subsidiaries The University of Phoenix, Inc, Western International University, Inc., Institute for Professional Development and The College for Financial Planning, Inc. There was no news yesterday on the company so maybe it was just driven down by market conditions, but just because there was no news on Thursday does not mean that something will not surface today. There has been a changing of the guards at the company, take that into account with a potential slowdown in enrollments and you are in the dark waters. The stock is close to its 52 week low of $47.27 but seems to have support in the high $51 to low $52 range. Lets see how it shapes up today.
Focus Media Holdings (NASDAQ: FMCN) dropped down again on Thursday and its just about getting to a good entry point. The bottom here should be in the $48 to $50 range but that doesn't mean that it will hit that point, if it does then we'll sit on the sidelines because it could slip into the high $30 range. The stock traded down $8.07 to close at $51.56 and there were a few factors involved, first it hit a ceiling for the third time in a row as we mentioned at $68 and second they filed to sell 1,000,000 American Depository Shares or ADS's. So here's the game plan, you need to see if the stock is actually going to bottom yet, and it looks like it just might. Market conditions may just push it down into the $50-$51 range so you have to pick your entry point.
Matria Healthcare (NASDAQ: MTRA) was knocked down even before the bell range and that was for a few reasons, of course the obvious Market Conditions and the main reasons was that they lowered their full year forecast from $1.35-$1.50 to $1.10-$1.17. Now they did this because they anticipated a delay in various contracts that they have on tap. But the street was looking for $1.10 for the full year anyway so they should be in line with that number. I think that this is just overdone and you had money whipping out from a few institutions and that started a domino effect as small investors started to bail. This looks like an opportunity because the bleeding should be pretty much over and the street will realize that if not today very shortly. So take a look at the charts, fundamentals and the press releases and you'll get the picture. It closed at $22.12 down $5.24.
I just want to touch on Peru Copper (AMEX: CUP) quickly, we received a ton of emails and calls in regards to the company because it halted trading on Wednesday with no follow up. We spoke about it on Thursday and the bottom line is that speculators thought that Southern Copper (NYSE: PCU) was going to buy Peru Copper but that seemed to be far fetched, even though PCU made public statements in regards to it a week or so ago. So that could be a dead deal but do not sleep on Peru Copper because they did hint that there are other potential suitors that have showed an interest in their Toromocho project. The stock pulled back a bit but that was the speculators jumping ship once they were done bottom fishers started picking up the scraps, keep in tune with Peru Copper as it just may shock you in a good way in the coming months.
Know lets talk about a real smack down and a half, Joseph A. Bank (NASDAQ: JOSB), we alerted "Wall Street to Main Street" subscribers about this one before bell as the company missed the mark by a long margin as they announce earnings of 32 cents a share but the street expected 46 cents a share. Investors woke up to a nightmare with this one, and its probably not over yet. The stock closed down $10.73 to close at $26.40 making a new 52-week low.
InfoSonics (AMEX: IFO) has been getting beaten up this week, especially after it received a nice downgrade from a Buy to a Hold by Kaufman Brothers They will be splitting 2 for 1 shortly and right now the stock is about 10 points off of its recent 52-week high. We're sticking by this one as we still see it trading in the $20 post split. Now it may not happen immediately but it should settle in there once the street realizes the company's true value. It powered up from a low of $21.10 on Thursday to close at $23.60.
Hansen Natural (NASDAQ: HANS) dropped another $9.37 to close at $161.00, this has been a daily occurrence with the stock so you may be seeing lots of profit taking from those investors and institutions that own the stock below the $100 mark, and who could blame them with the run that this one made in a 12 month time frame.
Other stocks that traded down but shouldn't be down there include China Life Insurance (NYSE: LFC) which traded down $4.67 to close at $58.69, Expeditors International (NASDAQ: EXPD) traded down $3.88 to close at $94.59, Parlux Fragrances (NASDAQ: PARL) traded down $3.25 to close at $20.85, UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) traded down $2.93 to close at $107.50, Toyota Motor (NYSE: TM) traded down $2.87 to close at $101.49, Kookmin Bank (NYSE: KB) traded down $2.80 to close at $74.70, Wesco International (NYSE: WCC) traded down $2.72 to close at $60.68 and PetroChina Co (NYSE: PTR) which traded down $2.59 to close at $99.41.
Now some stocks under ten bucks that received the royal smack down on Thursday include Finisar (NASDAQ: FNSR) which traded down $1.11 to close at $3.36 down about 25%, Exide Technologies (NASDAQ: XIDE) traded down 40 cents to close at $4.40, U.S. Energy Corp (NASDAQ: USEG) traded down 35 cents to close at $4.10, Advanced Semiconductor (NYSE: ASX) traded down 33 cents to close at $4.56 and Triquint Semiconductor (NASDAQ: TQNT) which traded down 30 cents to close at $4.68.
Analyst Upgrades/Downgrades
Recent Analyst upgrades include International Rectifier (NYSE: IRF) was upgraded to an Above Average from an Average by Caris & Company, Zale Corporation (NYSE: ZLC) was upgraded to an In-Line from an Underperform by Goldman Sachs, Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI) was upgraded to an Overweight from an Equal Weight by Lehman Brothers, CNET Networks (NASDAQ: CNET) was upgraded to a Buy by Stifel Nicolaus, and SBA Communications (NASDAQ: SBAC) was upgraded to an Outperform from a Peer Perform by Bear Stearns.
Recent Analyst downgrades include Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) was downgraded to a Hold from a Buy by Sanders, Morris & Harris, Medical Action Industries (NASDAQ: MDCI) was downgraded to a Neutral from a Buy by Sidoti & Co, Boardwalk Pipeline (NYSE: BWP) was downgraded to a Hold from a Buy by AG Edwards, Parlux Fragrances (NASDAQ: PARL) was downgraded to a Hold from a Strong Buy by Wedbush Morgan and Cyberonics (NASDAQ: CYBX) was downgraded to a Neutral from a Buy by Suntrust, Robinson, Humphrey.
Recent analyst coverage initiations include TLC Vision Corp (NASDAQ: TLCV) was initiated with a Market Perform rating by JMP Securities, Labopharm (NASDAQ: DDSS) was initiated with a Buy rating by Banc of America Securities, Viisage Technology (NASDAQ: VISG) was initiated with an Outperform by Raymond James, Novatel Wireless (NASDQ: NVTL) was initiated with a Sector Performer rating by CIBC World Markets, and Lexmark International Group (NYSE: LXK) was initiated with an Equal Weight rating and a $58 price target by Lehman Brothers.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All You Need To Know About Nursing Education

Unlike in the earlier years when nursing was viewed as apprenticeship that was commonly undertaken by the religious lot and the convents, lately it has become one of the most admired career paths, due to the several benefits attached to the career. For anyone looking for an exciting and rewarding career, you agree with me that nursing is with no doubt one of them. However, one has to go through some intensive training for them to be qualified and certified. Considering the wide range of institutions claiming to offer the best nursing education today, you need to be very careful in choosing the best institution. First, you need to ensure that the online education offered is not mediocre. The only way you can do this is by taking time to find out if the institution you pick on is reputable, not to mention that it should be certified and licensed by the relevant bodies in your area of residence.
You can also get the best schools by seeking recommendations from people who have gone through this career path before. A good institution will make sure that the students are well versed in the medical fields both practically and theoretically. The course takes four years to complete and can be specialized into quite a good number of areas. This includes the nursing specializations in pediatric, mental health and postoperative nursing among many others. The entry levels are quite numerous. One can choose to go for the diploma, undergraduate or the masters program depending on their qualifications, at the time they make the application. Whichever program that you are interested in, you can be sure to reap some good benefits in the long-run. The better news is the fact that, one can take the nursing online education. You can hence let go the worries of a busy schedule that will never let you take the course in peace. From the comfort of your home, you can take the online classes when you are most flexible and become a certified nurse just as long as you meet all the requirements.
To find the best most affordable institutions to take the courses from, one needs to take time to compare the rates of several institutions. This way, they have a chance to settle on the lowest prices school. One also needs to ensure that if they pick on an online school, it is recognized and the online courses are recognized in their area of residence. One cannot afford to have online nursing education in a place where people have no idea that it even exists in the first place. This would be a waste of both time and money.